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 ====== Astah SysML ====== ====== Astah SysML ======
 +In the latest version of the Sinelabore//​RT//​ code generator the SysML Modeling tool Astah SysML is supported. The following screenshots show how the modeling tool looks like.
 +Instead using classes in class diagrams SysML uses blocks and block definition diagrams.
 +This example is the the model of a microwave oven as used in the manual and examples folder.
 +Also activity diagrams are possible and the generator can generate 100% code from these diagrams.
 +{{:​wiki:​news:​astah_sysml_selftest.png?​nolink|}} ​
 +For a quick start download the latest release version and load the Astah SysML microwave oven from the examples folder.
 +This new version is free for users who bought their license within the last two years.
 +Have fun!
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