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Line 16: Line 16:
  int evConsumed = 0;  int evConsumed = 0;
  if(m_initialized==false) return 0;  if(m_initialized==false) return 0;
Line 23: Line 21:
  //Create copy of statevar  //Create copy of statevar
  stateVarsCopy = stateVars;  stateVarsCopy = stateVars;
- /* action code */ 
- printf("​Outer test action\n"​);​ 
  switch (stateVars.stateVar) {  switch (stateVars.stateVar) {
Line 48: Line 42:
 } // end processEvent } // end processEvent
 +// Region handler code for state S1 Region1
 +int testcase::​testcaseS1Region1(TESTCASE_EVENT_T msg){
 +   ...
 } }
 +// Region handler code for state S1 Region2
 +int testcase::​testcaseS1Region2(TESTCASE_EVENT_T msg){
 +   ...
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +===== New Parameter PrefixStateNamesWithMachineName =====
 +This parameter allows to prefix state names with the C machine name. Use this option if multiple state-machine header files are included into one other file (e.g. main.c) to avoid definition conflicts due to double used state names. See also parameter PrefixMsg- WithMachineName.
 +===== New Parameter PrefixStateNamesWithParentName =====
 +This parameter allows to prefix state names with the parent state name. Use this option if you have a hierarchical state machine and want to use the same state names in different child states. Example: There are two parent states called ''​EngineOn''​ and ''​EngineOff''​. And in both states you have children ''​FuelPumpOn''​ and ''​FuelPumpOff''​. To make the children names unique they can be prefixed with the parent name.
 +This new version is free for users who bought their license within the last two years.
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