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 ====== Latest News ====== ====== Latest News ======
 +=== 1.1.2019 | Info for Java 11 users ===
 +So that Java found the codegenerator and other jar files one suggested option was so far to to use the ''​-Djava.ext.dirs''​ command line option. With the latest version of Java this option seems not to exist anymore. In future the classpath must be used e.g. ''​java -cp "​sinelaboreRT3.7.3/​bin/​*" ​ codegen.Main ...''​
 +Please note that using -cp in combination with jar files is not possible. We will change the examples and documentation soon.
 === 9.9.2018 | New version 3.7.3 === === 9.9.2018 | New version 3.7.3 ===
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